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Your small change can make a big difference. Workplace Giving is an easy way to make regular pre-tax donations from your pay. A pre-tax donation of $10 per month will provide much needed support for one of our many programs.
$1,000 fully sponsors a polio survivor to attend the annual 4 day educational Polio Health and Wellness Self-Management Program, facilitated in a different state each year.
$2,000 delivers a clinical training day for up to 20 health practitioners in how to best manage the LEoP.

$2,000pa assists in the development and maintenance of Polio Australia’s informative websites.

$3,000pa increases the information reach of the Australian Polio Register. The more polio survivors learn about and sign up to the Register, the more comprehensive the data collected on their demographics for both current needs and historical records.

$5,000pa ensures a vibrant campaign is promoted across various media, increasing the reach of awareness raising of the LEoP in the community.

$6,000pa enables the development, promotion and distribution of a range of LEoP Condition fact sheets for polio survivors and health professionals, and when speaking to government, community organisations and service clubs

$Ongoing This is fundamental to our organisation's survival, but can't be directly associated with any specific outcome: management, staff training and development, office rent and equipment, promotion, insurance and business administration costs.

Ready to sponsor Polio Australia? Contact Bonnie, Financing Manager, on [email protected] or phone 0438 123 935