Polio Timeline
Twenty-one panels trace polio’s history from its earliest depiction on an ancient stele, through the recognition of the cause of the disease, the race against time to develop a vaccine, and more.

Polio Hall of Fame
The Polio Hall of Fame is a linear grouping of sculptured busts of fifteen scientists and two laymen who made important contributions to the knowledge and treatment of polio.

Polio Vaccine Development
Learn about the scientists who developed the poliovirus vaccines: Dr Jonas Salk, Dr Albert Sabin, and the Australian contribution of Dr Val Bazeley.

Freeing the World of Polio
Without the visionary leadership of Sir Clem Renouf as the president of Rotary International (1978-79), we would not be talking today about the possibility of global polio eradication.

Polio Eradication Links
Links to websites and resources about the ongoing battle to defeat the poliovirus and the enormous efforts being put towards achieving the goal of global eradication.