The following documentary (published on 13 July 2014 – 26 mins 54 secs) tells the stories of Australians who saw first-hand the effects of vaccine-preventable diseases and, in particular, polio.

The following video (published on 27 April 2016 – 2 mins 2 secs) shares a little of the story of Dr Margaret Cooper who contracted polio at the age of 4. Margaret also stresses the importance of immunisation.

Of course, the story of polio in Australia doesn’t end with the epidemics in the last century. Its survivors are still here – now battling the late effects of polio. The following film gives an insight into just a few of these survivors.

The Bayside Polio Group in Victoria was established in 1993. To celebrate their first 21 years the Group formed a partnership with the Rotary Club of Bentleigh Moorabbin Central and Individual Films to produce All Walks of Life, a short film (14 mins 29 secs) about polio and the lives of some of those managing its late effects.

The Bayside Polio Group asked the film maker, Heather Walker, to produce a film which communicated polio, peer support and hope. Heather’s inspirational film highlights the “polio positive” attitude of those interviewed.

If you are a polio survivor living in Australia, please be sure to add your polio details to the Australian Polio Register. Please also browse our websites for comprehensive information and support.