Our Board Members ensure the charity complies with legislation and has good governance.

In 2008 the six Australian State Networks signed a Memorandum of Understanding which in turn lead to the development of a Constitution for a national organisation, Polio Australia, and its incorporation later that year.

Two representatives from each Member Network are appointed to the Board of Polio Australia, each for a two-year term. (A second organisation representing polio survivors in Victoria signed the MOU in 2015. Each Victorian organisation now has one representative appointed to the Board.)

At least one of the Board members nominated by each Member Network must be a polio survivor, so that at least 50% of the Board are polio survivors. It is the intention of the Member Networks that at least 75% of the Board be polio survivors.

The Board also has capacity to appoint three Independent Directors for specialist roles. These positions are all currently filled.

There are two Sub-Committees dealing with: 1) Governance and Risk Management and 2) Finance. These Sub-Committees meet separately and report at the Board Meetings.

Brief profiles of the current members of the Board are given below.