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Key information for media

This website has all the information you need – if you want a quick reference please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Guest speakers

Polio Australia have a range of established public speakers who are available to speak about Polio Australia, the Late Effects of Polio and the importance of ongoing immunisation. Our speakers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and include polio survivors, community development workers and health professionals. Contact us to discuss the options further.


Polio Australia’s media kit outlines advertising opportunities for our quarterly Polio Oz News. The estimated readership of each shared edition is approx. 8,000 people.

Important considerations for the media

When writing or talking about polio and/or post-polio, it is important to consider the implications of any content for polio survivors. Some important considerations include:

  • Terminology: ‘Late Effects of Polio’ and ‘Post Polio Syndrome’ are both correct terms but mean different things. The Late Effects of Polio (LEoP) is a broad term describing the biomechanical and neurological symptoms resulting from having polio. Post-polio syndrome is a diagnosed neurological condition (not all polio survivors have this). It is preferable to use “Late Effects of Polio” as this includes all polio survivors.
  • Language Sensitivity: Polio Australia encourage the use of the term ‘polio survivors’ as it is representative of the resilience of those who had polio. ‘Polio sufferer’ or other variations indicate that the individual is in fact suffering and most polio survivors do not view themselves in this way.
  • Point of contact: when including information in the media, please include a link to It is important to make sure they can connect with support services and not feel alone.
  • Information accuracy: Post-polio is not widely researched, and it is careful to avoid mis-information and ensure reliable sources of information. Polio Australia strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Polio Australia in the media

Our Still Here website features all of the latest media articles featuring Polio Australia: