Full information about the Clinical Practice Workshops, including upcoming locations and dates, is available here.

Polio Australia received funding from the Australian Government Department of Health in 2017 to run a series of Clinical Practice Workshops. The funding has allocated $150,000 pa for five years to undertake the program. The Workshops are run by Clinical Health Educator, Michael Jackson.

Polio Australia will conduct 55 workshops per year, with a planned 14 attendees per workshop.

Who should attend?

Allied and other health practitioners such as: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthotists, exercise physiologists, nurses, podiatrists, speech pathologists, dietitians, social workers, case managers, and anyone else who is interested in knowing more about the post-polio body. See more about the post-polio interdisciplinary care team here. This session is not suitable for polio survivors to attend, however we are developing Community Information Sessions suitable for polio survivors.

Quality Education

Workshops offered by Polio Australia are developed and driven by best-practice research emerging from Europe and the USA. Michael Jackson, Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a neurological background, delivers the workshop with vital contributions from ‘lived experience expert’ polio survivors.

Polio Australia wishes to build a complement of skilled and knowledgeable ‘polio’ practitioners across many different modalities around Australia to further increase awareness and standardise care provision for polio survivors.

As such, attendees complete a short assessment at the conclusion of the event, receive a certificate of attendance, and earn 3 CPD hours. After completing this training they can nominate as a preferred ‘LEoP Practitioner’ on the Polio Australia Interdisciplinary Post-Polio Health Professionals Register.


Clinical Practice Resources

As a thank you for attending, and to further your education, participants receive a complementary copy of Polio Australia’s “The Late Effects of Polio: Managing Muscles and Mobility” (PDF, 100 pages).

These manuals are fantastic ‘go to’ resources for any health professionals who are already working with LEoP clients, and for those who wish to enhance their expertise in chronic disease management.