Polio Australia attends international post-polio conferences whenever possible in order to bring best practice post-polio management techniques back to Australia. We also present at these conferences on our work in Australia for polio survivors.

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Paris Conference 2018
Post-Polio was one of the main topics at the 12th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Paris.

Sydney Conference 2016
Polio Australia held the first ever Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference “Polio: Life Stage Matters” in Sydney.
Amsterdam Conference

Amsterdam Conference 2014
The 2nd European Post-Polio Conference “Post-Polio Syndrome – A Condition Without Boundaries” was held in Amsterdam.
St Louis Arch

St Louis Conference 2014
Post-polio Health International’s 11th International Conference “Promoting Healthy Ideas” was held in St Louis.
Copenhagen Conference

Copenhagen Conference 2011
The 1st European Post-Polio Conference “Post-Polio Syndrome – A Challenge of Today” was held in Copenhagen.