Details of the key members of the Polio Australia Team are given here. All are knowledgeable about polio and its late effects and demonstrate the ability to think analytically and strategically in steering Polio Australia as it achieves its goals on behalf of Australia’s many thousands of polio survivors. The key members have a range of career backgrounds and bring a diverse set of skills to Polio Australia.

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John Tierney_170x170

John Tierney
National Patron
New South Wales

Gillian Thomas
President & Business Manager
New South Wales
Maryann Liethof_170x170

Mary-ann Liethof
National Program Manager

Paul Cavendish
Clinical Health Educator
New South Wales
Rachel Ingram_170x170

Rachel Ingram
Health Promotions Officer
Shylie Little_170x170

Shylie Little
Bookkeeper & Admin Officer
New South Wales
Samantha OMeara_170x170

Samantha O’Meara
Community Engagement and Bequests
Jill Pickering_170x170

Jill Pickering