Every October, Polio Awareness Month (PAM) brings awareness to the tens of thousands of polio survivors who are still here and living with the Late Effects of Polio (LEoP). Our catchphrase is “We’re Still Here” – a reminder that polio has not been around in Australia for decades, but thousands of Australians (whether born here or overseas) still live with its late effects.

We strive to increase health literacy on the LEoP by promoting educational materials and resources for both polio survivors and health professionals. Our campaign is to prompt people across Australia to consider “Was I exposed to the poliovirus?” and “Who in my family was exposed to the poliovirus?” We also encourage health professionals to consistently screening for exposure to polio in their clients/patients.

Most of those in Australia who contracted the poliovirus did so in Australian epidemics. Of significant concern is the minimal information on and identification of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples who contracted polio. In addition, there is a significant younger group of polio survivors who have emigrated to Australian and need identification and support in our health system.

Throughout October, we raise awareness for polio survivors and the LEoP by:

  • Hosting Zoom chats for polio survivors
  • Illuminating numerous landmarks across Australia ORANGE
  • Wearing ORANGE during our monthly Zoom Chat on 7-October
  • Encouraging polio survivors to share their story

Join us in raising awareness for our polio survivors!
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