Why Buy the “All Walks of Life” Post-Polio Awareness Pack?

You can view “All Walks of Life” for no charge on this website and via links from a wide range of other supporters. This will help raise awareness – but we can do better than that.

The ‘All Walks of Life’ mini film and awareness project was created by the Bayside Polio Group in Victoria to illustrate the work of the polio community. During the project it was recognised that a tool could be developed that could be of use to the wider community – the Post-Polio Awareness Pack was born.

The sale of 100 of packs will raise $5,000
towards the costs for hosting the
2016 Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference, “Polio: Life Stage Matters”

Post-Polio Awareness Pack

Each Awareness Pack includes:

  • USB drive
    • ‘All Walks of Life’ – high-definition version viewable via computers and many of the new large screen television sets.
    • Digital copies of “Iron Wills” and “Calliper Kids”.
    • Parliamentary enquiries and submissions.
    • Wide range of studies and papers that have contributions from people who manage the late effects of polio.
    • Wide range of support material around aged care and negotiating social inclusion and independence.
  • The Late Effects of Polio: Introduction to Clinical Practice (32 pages) Polio Australia
  • The Late effects of Polio: Managing Muscles and Mobility (92 pages) Polio Australia
  • Iron Wills: Victorian Polio Survivors’ Stories (108 pages) Polio Network Victoria
  • Resource Material from Australia Polio Networks

How to Buy the “All Walks of Life” Post-Polio Awareness Pack

Awareness Packs may be purchased directly from the Bayside Polio Group for collection from them. For all mail orders, please download this All Walks of Life – Order Form and return to Polio Australia with your payment (or copy of your EFT receipt). Orders will be packed and posted by The Bayside Polio Group.

What is the cost?

Single pack (collect) = $50.00 – collect from Bayside Polio Group
Single pack (post) = $64.00 – includes $14.00 post & handling
Triple pack (post) = $117.00 – includes $17.00 post & handling (includes one for donation)

Buy two packs and we will supply you one extra to donate to medical centres and community groups in your area.

Payment methods to Polio Australia include:

Cheque: made out to Polio Australia and posted to PO Box 500, Kew East, Vic, 3102

EFT: Bank – Westpac / Branch – Parramatta, NSW / BSB – 032078 / Account Number – 555766 / Name – Polio Australia Inc

Credit card: payments will be processed through PayPal on behalf of Polio Australia. You do not need to have your own PayPal account. To pay by credit card simply click the button below to begin.