The Australian Polio Register was established by Polio Australia in October 2010 to gather information on the numbers of polio survivors living in Australia today, whether or not they contracted polio in this country. There are currently  2971  polio survivors on the Register and this number increases daily (click here for monthly registration numbers), so please check back here often.

With limited resources to promote the Polio Register widely in the community we are nevertheless pleased with the results to date, however, we know there are many more thousands of polio survivors out there. To make the Australian Polio Register truly reflective of the unmet need for polio services throughout Australia, we urge every Australian polio survivor to join the Polio Register. Our strength lies in our numbers – please help us to get you the services you need by completing the Australian Polio Register form. If you have previously completed the form and given Polio Australia permission to publish your polio details, you can  check your entry by clicking here.

To view the available statistical data (derived from the current total registrations received), including charts and maps displaying when and where polio was contracted, please click the buttons immediately below. Both the numbers of polio survivors on the Register and the associated statistical data are updated dynamically as each new registration is recorded online. Some of the analysis pages may take up to 30 seconds to load so please be patient.

The polio details received from the many Australians who have already completed the Register will also be reported here on an ongoing basis. Of the  2971  total registrations,  2389  have given permission for their polio details to be displayed on this site while the remaining  572  have chosen to have their details only included in anonymous aggregate data. The publishable data in the Register can be sorted in various ways (family name, maiden name, given names, birth year, polio year, age at which polio contracted, or location where polio contracted) – just click the appropriate button below to go to the particular sort order in which you are interested.

If your details are published here and you spot any errors or omissions in your record please be sure to let us know.

If at any time you wish to withdraw your permission for your polio details to be published, or conversely wish to change your decision not to allow publication, please contact us.

Finally, if you recognise a childhood friend or friends in the Register with whom you would like to be re-acquainted, please let us know and we will endeavour to assist you to get back in touch with each other.