Mary Westbrook_260x300Dr Mary Westbrook (New South Wales) is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. She is a Visiting Professor at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University. When she was working full-time Mary was Associate Professor in the Department of Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Sydney. Much of her teaching and research there focused on the social and psychological aspects of living with disability. Mary has more than 250 professional publications including over 140 peer-reviewed research papers.

Mary is a polio survivor and was a founding member of Post-Polio Network (NSW) [now Polio NSW] and through its website has provided a global email information service for polio survivors and health care providers. She conducted the first research into the late effects of polio in Australia. She has written articles on polio and its late effects for Australian and international health publications, and has presented papers on these issues at conferences here and overseas. Mary recently worked on the Australian National Library’s oral history project on the polio epidemics. She is a member of the Medical Advisory Board of Post-Polio Health International, USA.

In 1998 Mary was awarded an AM for “services to people with disabilities particularly those suffering from post-polio syndrome, and to education in the field of health sciences research”.

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