Polio Australia has established a Health Professionals Register on our Polio Health website. To assist polio survivors searching for a health professional, the list of those currently registered is repeated on this site. To see the complete details for any health professional listed below, click his/her related “Full Details” link – a new tab/window will open showing the relevant page on the Polio Health website.

This list is pre-sorted in various ways as indicated on the tab headings. Any column can also be sorted (A-Z) by clicking on its header row; clicking a second time reverses the order (Z-A). To easily find a specific health professional, enter your search term in the box (you do not need to hit the enter key) and the list will be filtered to display only your selection. Clear the search box, or refresh the page, to view the whole list again.

Polio Australia monitors the quality of the information available on the Register and updates the information regularly. However, Polio Australia does not make any representation or warranty about the service quality and expertise of the health professionals registered, nor the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any material contained on websites referenced in any individual registration.

Click Here To Add Your Name To The Health Professional Register