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In 2011 the world has an unprecedented opportunity to protect future generations from the crippling and debilitating disease of polio. As the result of a global push to combat the disease, initiated by Australian Rotarians in 1979, we have seen a 99% reduction in cases of polio amongst children worldwide. In the next three years, we can see this number reduced to zero. This October the biggest ever gathering of Commonwealth leaders in history will take place in Perth, and we’re calling on Australia to finish what it started and lead an international commitment to eliminate this preventable disease in the next three years. The Global Poverty Project will embark on a national education and advocacy campaign in the lead up to CHOGM to raise public awareness about the unprecedented opportunity we have to see an end to polio. Starting from the 23rd of July, we will campaign for a hundred days before reaching an international climax on Friday 28 October, the opening day of CHOGM and coincidentally Jonas Salk’s birthday, with The End Concert being held in Fremantle.

Click below to listen to an interview broadcast on  Life Matters, ABC Radio National – 26 July 2011  with Chris Maher (Acting Director of Polio Eradication and Monitoring Research, World Health Organisation).

Chris Maher Interview – 26 July 2011

Click below to listen to an interview broadcast on  ABC Radio Australia – 25 August 2011  with Dr Ronald McCoy (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) and Michael Sheldrick (Manager, End of Polio Campaign, Global Poverty Project).

Michael Sheldrick Interview – 25 August 2011

Click here  to view a video recorded by the Global Poverty Project featuring the Australian world-renowned immunologist  Sir Gus Nossal  speaking about polio.

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