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In April 2009, 450 polio Survivors gathered at Roosevelt Warm Springs in Georgia for Post-Polio Health International’s 10th International Conference: Living with Polio in the 21st Century. The Conference was preceded by a 4 day Retreat at “Camp Dream”, also located within the grounds.

Attending both activities from Australia were:

  • Mary-ann Liethof, (then) Polio Community Officer, Polio Network Victoria (PNV)
  • Liz Telford, PNV Polio Advisory Committee Member
  • Shirley Glance, Bayside Post Polio Support Group Convener
  • Fran Henke, Mornington Peninsula Post Polio Support Group Member
  • Dr John Tierney, Post-Polio Network (NSW).

The Warm Springs Retreat and other similar international self-management programs (such as the Canadian Bay Cliff Post Polio Wellness Retreat) provided the inspiration for Polio Australia to start conducting its own series of Polio Health and Wellness Retreats. Polio Australia’s Retreats have now been held annually since 2010, and polio survivors in 4 states have so far had the opportunity to benefit from a Retreat held close to home.

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