If you aren’t able to make it to our Walk With Me event, but would still like to help us increase awareness of polio survivors living in Australia, and help us raise money to support those survivors, now is your chance!

This October, we are issuing a Fundraising Challenge to anyone who would like to participate in spreading the “We’re Still Here!” message, and getting people to sponsor them to achieve their ‘goal pledge’.

Your goal/s will be uploaded to this website, along with a brief story of why raising awareness is important to you. Family, friends, and other potential donors will then be able to click on your section to support your goal/s and raise much needed funds for Polio Australia.

Goal suggestions across October might be:

  • Arrange to give one community talk a week (e.g. service club, social club, local school, etc);

  • Drop (X-number) of notices into GP/medical clinics/pharmacies;

  • Contact media outlets with your story (e.g. local papers, radio, social media);

  • Arrange for (X-number) of meetings with Members of Parliament;

  • Or you could challenge yourself to participate in specific health/wellness activities over the month (e.g. daily meditation, join weekly hydrotherapy classes, or even saying “no” to people/tasks that don’t bring you joy!)

  • The options are endless! Information and various resources will be provided by Polio Australia. You will just need to provide a weekly update to Polio Australia in the form of a short report and photo for proof.

    Click here to email us YOUR personal fundraising challenge for 2019.