The Polio Hall of Fame (or the Polio Wall of Fame) consists of a linear grouping of sculptured busts of fifteen scientists and two laymen who made important contributions to the knowledge and treatment of poliomyelitis. It is found on the outside wall of what is called Founder’s Hall of the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation in Warm Springs, Georgia, USA.

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  1Jakob Heine
Discovered and described infantile paralysis in 1840
  2Karl Oskar Medin
Recognized and described polio as an acute infection (1890)
  3Ivar Wickman
Discovered the epidemic character of polio (1907) and coined the term Heine-Medin disease; also showed a high prevalence of non-paralytic polio
  4Karl Landsteiner
Discovered poliovirus and demonstrated transmission to monkeys
  5Thomas Milton Rivers
Chairman of the National Foundation committee on vaccination which planned the successful 1954 vaccine field trials
  6Charles Armstrong
A Public Health Service physician, Armstrong discovered in 1939 that poliovirus can be transmitted to cotton rats, and started self-tests with nasal spray vaccination
  7John R Paul
Made essential contributions to the knowledge of how polio is spread
  8Albert Sabin
A leader in the search for a live virus vaccine for polio, Sabin helped show how the virus reached the central nervous system
  9Thomas Francis Jr
An epidemiologist at the University of Michigan and Salk’s (No. 15) tutor; recognized the effectiveness of the Salk vaccine
10Joseph L Melnick
Developed immunity measures for populations exposed to the virus
11Isabel Morgan
Prepared an experimental vaccine from virus inactivated with formaldehyde which protected monkeys against paralytic polio
12Howard A Howe
The first to show that chimpanzees can acquire polio infection by mouth; carried out small-scale experiments in humans with a formalin-treated vaccine
13David Bodian
Showed that the virus gets into the blood stream before reaching the central nervous system and therefore could be blocked by antibodies in the blood
14John F Enders
Led the way in finding how to grow polio viruses in cultures of non-nervous tissue, which made possible the production of a safe and effective vaccine in quantity
15 Jonas E Salk
Developed the vaccine which bears his name
16Franklin D Roosevelt
Founded the Warm Springs Foundation in 1927 and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP) in 1938
17 Basil O'Connor
The architect of the fight against polio, O'Connor was president of the NFIP from its outset in 1938 and of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation after 1945