This year, throughout Polio Awareness Month, we are giving you the chance to solve a puzzle on our social media for prizes generously donated by Bunnings.

How does it work?

We are going to share posts on the first 19 weekdays though Polio Awareness Month (October!) that contain post-polio themed statements. Within each statement there will be one letter boxed in square brackets like this: [x]. Keep track of all the boxed letters from each of these posts.

Each of the posts in the competition will have a similar style, so it will be easier for you to recognise our posts containing the letter clues.

On October 26th, when you have all 19 of the letters, you will need to unscramble them into a statement ‘very relevant’ to Polio Awareness Month. Once you work out what the 19-letter statement is, message us your answer. There are numerous possible statements able to be generated, but only one answer, so think carefully before you submit your answer!

The first three people (living in Australia!) to submit the correct unscrambled statement wins a prize!

Nope – we are not giving any more clues than what you read here.

Mark your calendars – the first post will be on Monday October 2nd!

Good luck!