The purpose of Mary-ann Liethof’s study tour was “To identify techniques to better manage the late effects of polio” in the USA and Canada.

The inspiration for this project was born out of witnessing the courage and determination revealed to me on a daily basis by the ‘community’ of polio survivors I work with, who are now experiencing post polio syndrome (PPS).

Therefore, it is the post-polio community I would first like to acknowledge, along with my travelling companion, Jill Pickering, herself a polio survivor. Jill’s insight as both a trained Occupational Therapist (now retired) and someone living with PPS, proved to be invaluable on my study tour.

The many and varied places visited provided me with a wealth of information on current PPS management techniques provided by individuals and teams of specialists. Everyone I had the privilege of meeting was very welcoming, helpful and generous in imparting their knowledge. I thank them all. I am honoured to be a recipient of the 2007 Churchill Fellowship who provided the means to achieve my goal and will fondly remember the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity the Churchill Trust has provided.

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