Post-Polio Health International (formerly Gazette International Networking Institute) established The Research Fund (formerly The GINI Research Fund) in 1995 dedicated to “seeking scientific information leading to eventual amelioration of the consequences of poliomyelitis and/or neuromuscular respiratory diseases“.

The Research Fund with a corpus of $500,000 awarded its first grant from the interest in the fall of 2000.

The initial modest grants will help support researchers, scientists, and clinicians worldwide to investigate the cause(s), treatment, and management of post-poliomyelitis and neuromuscular respiratory disease.

As it approves grants, PHI will foster new innovative research – both basic science and clinical – that will result in improved quality of life for people with disabilities, as well as support valid ongoing research.

A panel made up of peers and people with disabilities will review all grant applications that meet established requirements for respiratory research or post-poliomyelitis research. This panel’s recommendations will be reviewed by the PHI’s Board of Directors, who will make the final funding decisions.

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