Thursday 18, Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 April 2013

The full Report on the 2013 Retreat is now available
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Presenters Handouts

Polio Body Plenary by Ann Buchan, Neuro Physiotherapist
Mind Plenary by Assoc Prof Susan Hillier
Spirit Plenary by Prof Ian Maddocks AM
PPS and Falls
Ten Tips to Help Prevent Falls
Breathing Problems Caused By Post-Polio Syndrome
Sample Aquatic Class with Diagrams
Sample Aquatic Exercise Class Notes
Fantasy Garden
5 Reasons Singing is Good for Your Health
Singing-Suzie Smith’s Ditties

What the Participants Wrote

Ann Buchan Article
Marc Adams Article
Ron Blackwell Article
Douglas Chugg Article

In 2013 Polio Australia was delighted to be able to run our 4th Health and Wellness Retreat in the lovely seaside suburb of Glenelg, South Australia.

This fully residential program commenced with Registration from 2.00pm onwards on Thursday 18th April, with check out at approximately 2.00pm on Sunday 21st April 2013.

To ensure that the Retreat environment was conducive to friendly networking, numbers were restricted to 70 people. Preference was given to South Australian’s and those interstate people who have not attended previous Retreats. However, there were several participants present who have now been to all 4 of Polio Australia’s Health & Wellness Retreats.

The Program is similar every year, but the local session presenters all bring a different set of skills, knowledge and experience to the Body/Mind/Spirit theme. This keeps the content fresh and interesting for repeat Retreat participants from various parts of Australia, as well as providing new resources for those who live more locally. Of course, the session presenters can’t help but further develop their own understanding of the issues participants are living with on a daily basis. After all, it’s hard to deny these problems when faced by so many polio survivors at once!

If you have any questions about Polio Australia’s annual Retreats, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 03 9016 7678 or 0466 718 222 or by email.

2013 South Australia Polio Health and Wellness Retreat – Registration Form (PDF)
2013 South Australia Polio Health and Wellness Retreat – Registration Form (Word)
2013 South Australia Polio Health and Wellness Retreat – Program (PDF)
2013 South Australia Polio Health and Wellness Retreat – Program (Word)
2013 South Australia Polio Health & Wellness Retreat – Presenters List (PDF)


We would like to recognise and thank the following supporters of this Retreat:

The Marian & EH Flack Trust


GlaxoSmithKline Australia

– for their generous donations which substantially help to subsidise the cost for participants.

The Stamford Grand – for their significant sponsorship package, thereby further reducing the total cost of the Retreat.

Polio SA – which has provided funding for two lucky members to attend the Retreat, and donated a good sum of money that will go towards paying for the entertainment and the bathroom aids required.

The session facilitators – our heartfelt thanks go to all the people who have agreed to facilitate sessions, most of whom are providing their time, knowledge and skills on a pro-bono basis. We would simply not be able to run the Retreat without them.

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