Polio Australia's 'Next Generation' are a younger demographic of polio survivors living in Australia. Most of these survivors have migrated, often as refugees from countries where polio is still endemic, or, polio was eradicated more recently. Polio Australia identify that the needs of this cohort are inherently different compared to those who contracted polio in Australia during the epidemics.

Although the global commitment to eradicate polio globally is nearing completion, it is vital to provide support and services to those millions of children and adults who live with disabilities caused by polio. The younger cohort presents different needs and challenges to healthcare and rehabilitation, as well as education, social integration and economic self-sufficiency, than their older counterparts in resource-abundant environments[1].

Are you a 'Next Generation' polio survivor?



[1] Groce, N., Banks, L, & Stein, M. (2014). Surviving polio in a post-polio world, Social Science & Medicine, 107, 171-178

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