Your registration has been successful – thank you for joining the Australian Polio Register.

A copy of the details that you entered will now also be emailed to you for your records. If you spot any error or omission in the details you submitted, please contact us to have your entry corrected.

If you have given Polio Australia permission to publish your polio details (family name, maiden name (if applicable), given names, birth year, year in which polio contracted, age at which polio contracted, and location where polio contracted) they will be accessible online here as soon as our volunteers are able to process the data. If you chose to have your details included only in the anonymous aggregate data, the published data will reflect your input but will not identify you.

Please be sure to browse the rest of this site, and our other sites, for more information about the Register, the late effects of polio, and the work of Polio Australia.