Walk With Me 2014

Polio Australia was delighted to join in with Scope’s “Dick Smith Walk With Me” fundraising activity in Melbourne again on Father’s Day, Sunday 7th September, making it the 3rd year in a row. Scope certainly knows how to put on an event, and we were exceptionally fortunate with the weather – a beautiful, clear, 20 degrees day.

There were a few hundred people walking, wheeling, and scooting their way along the Yarra River, ranging from tiny toddlers to stately seniors. Scope’s organisers, ably assisted by a large contingent of volunteers, kept everything running smoothly. Entertainment included the popular “Peppa Pig”, a huge hit with the kids on the day. There was also a sausage sizzle and coffee van, a Dick Smith raffle, and a few companies demonstrating how they include people with disabilities, such as balloon rides! There was also relevant information, and giveaways, which ensured that a good time was had by all.

With Polio Australia’s head office being located in Melbourne, the National Program Manager, Mary-ann Liethof, headed up the “Polio Power Victoria” team, and she was joined by the “Post Polio Victoria” and “Peter’s Polio Power” teams. Apart from Mary-ann, the other Registered ‘walkers’ were: Jill Pickering, Peter and Deb Gibson, Graeme and Joan Smith, Tricia Willett, and Bronwyn Hughes, who raised $2,790 between them.

All donations to Post Polio Victoria (PPV), Jill Pickering, and Joan and Graeme Smith will be shared equally between PPV and Polio Australia to fund much needed programs.

For anyone who feels they missed out on supporting the Melbourne polio teams, you can donate here until 11th November 2014. All donations (which are tax deductible) are very gratefully received.

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