I was born in England in 1948 and lived in a small village in Lancashire. As far as I know I contracted polio in late 1948, but the only other person that I know of who caught polio lived around 14 miles (22 kilometres) away, although our families went to the same village school. My early history is very different from just about every other polio survivor I have met in that I was nursed at home. Both my parents were qualified nurses so I was spared the experience of being isolated from my family for an extended period. However, I did spend time in hospital later for several operations, which I found bad enough.

In 1973 my wife and I immigrated to Australia and our second child was born here. After employment in a number of roles in accounting and administration, I worked for myself. About 7 years ago I realized that I had some serious health issues and was diagnosed with the Late Effects of Polio. It became necessary for me to go in to semi-retirement as I was only able to work around 15 hours a week. But like many others, I found the change from long working hours (70 or 80 hours a week was my norm) did not keep my mind active enough.

Shortly after that I became involved with my local Post Polio Support Group in Springvale and in 2006 was elected to the Polio Advisory Committee of ParaQuad Victoria (now Independence Australia). I was involved in the initial development of the Polio Australia constitution and have served as the Polio Survivor representative for Victoria on the Management Committee since 2008. I was elected Treasurer of Polio Australia at the 2012 Annual General Meeting.

Michael Judson stood down from the Polio Australia Management Committee in February 2013 due to ill health. Michael was diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer and sadly passed away on Monday, 1 April 2013.