I was born in Victor Harbour, South Australia, in 1946 and contracted Polio around 1950. I finally made it back to the family around 1953 but polio had paid us another visit in 1951 and my mother was gone. I don’t recall most of what happened to me in those 3 years and don’t think I want to. I had surgery on my foot when I was 15 which relieved me of the burden of wearing a caliper, what a great period that was!

I grew up in Adelaide, married, had 2 sons and now have 4 grandchildren. I spent my working life in the agricultural and whitegoods manufacturing industries mostly in the industrial engineering field. The Late Effects of Polio caught up with me 5 years ago and I retired 1 year later.

Out of working hours my wife and I were both leaders in the Scout Association for some years mostly at the Venturer level. I have been an active sporting shooter for approximately 35 years and during that time I have held every office position imaginable at Club, State and National level. I am no longer competitive but I continue to enjoy shooting a match simply because I can.

I first became involved with Polio SA as an office volunteer after retiring and then became a committee member. Following the resignation of the then Secretary/Treasurer I threw my hat into the ring and became Public Officer and elected Secretary/Treasurer for Polio SA.

Trevor Jessop stood down from the Polio Australia Management Committee at the 2012 Annual General Meeting to pursue other interests.