Selected presentations from the  European Conference on Post Polio Syndrome – a challenge of today  are now available on  The Informed Scientist  website. Click a graphic below to go to the presentation on The Informed Scientist website that you are interested in viewing (each video shows the presenter speaking together with a display of the illustrative slides used).

                      Australia’s polio health and wellness retreat
15 mins 21 secs

Mary-ann Liethof
National Program Manager
Polio Australia

Peer support
12 mins 46 secs

Anne Shanahan
Regional Support Officer
Post Polio Support Group

Handcycling across Canada
17 mins 38 secs

Ramesh Ferris
Ramesh Ferris Polio Foundation

Anesthesia for post-polio patients
25 mins 26 secs

Selma H Calmes, MD
Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology (Retired)
University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Respiration and sleep
20 mins 23 secs

Michael Laub, MD, PhD, Dr Med Sc
Respiratory Centre East, Rigshospitalet,
Copenhagen University Hospital
Copenhagen, Denmark

Pain in polio survivors
22 mins 17 secs

Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen, MD, PhD
Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine

Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology
University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Impact of comorbidity, aging and lifestyle-related factors in polio survivors
16 mins 10 secs

Irene Tersteeg, MD
Janneke Stolwijk, MD, PhD
Anita Beelen, PhD
Frans Nollet, MD, PhD

Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Voiding and bowel problems
21 mins 15 secs

Lise Kay, MD
Urologist and Surgeon
The Danish Society of Polio and Accident Victims

Falls in polio survivors
19 mins 59 secs

Alice Bickerstaffe, MD
Anita Beelen, PhD
Frans Nollet, MD PhD

Department of Rehabilitation
University of Amsterdam
Academic Medical Centre

Psychological aspects of polio survivors through their life experience
20 mins 56 secs

Alain Yelnik, MD, PhD
Service de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation
GH Lariboisière
F Widal, AP-HP
Université Paris Diderot, Paris

Participation in society
20 mins 46 secs

Jan Lexell, MD PhD
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Lund University Hospital, Sweden
Department of Health Sciences
Lund University, Sweden

Latest news in orthotics for polio survivors
19 mins 37 secs

Barbara Bocker, MD
UC Smolenski, MD

Institute of Physiotherapy
Jena, Germany

Designing and manufacturing light weight full contact carbon leg orthoses
40 mins 53 secs

Kees Noppe, CPO
OIM-Noppe Orthopedietechniek
The Netherlands

Patient Journey - My life with polio
16 mins 36 secs

Sylvi Salomonsson
Secondary School Teacher and
Polio Survivor

Post polio syndrome policy in the EU
12 mins 03 secs

Holger Kallehauge
Retired High Court Judge
President, The Danish Society of Polio and Accident Victims

Disability in the political arena
12 mins 58 secs

John Richard McFarlane, PhD, FIMS, MBIM, WCIT
Chair of Post Polio Support Group Ireland
Unit 319, Dublin, Ireland
Member of Board, European Polio Union