In late August 2011, our National Program Manager, Mary-ann Liethof, travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark to attend this important International Conference which was held from 31 August until 2 September 2011.  The Conference was hosted by the European Polio Union (EPU) and The Danish Society of Polio and Accident Victims (PTU) and was attended by 350 participants from 25 countries. Australia was well-represented at the Conference: also attending were Dr John Tierney (Polio Australia’s National Patron), Dr Diane Bull (Post-Polio Network (NSW) Committee Member and member of Polio Australia’s Clinical Advisory Group), Liz Telford (President of Post-Polio Victoria) and her husband Ron Exiner, Blaise Doran (Physiotherapist and Service Coordinator, Polio Services Victoria), Dr Nigel Quadros (South Australian Rehabilitation Specialist and member of Polio Australia’s Clinical Advisory Group), and Robyn Aulmann (Secretary of Hume Post-Polio Support Group, Victoria) and her husband Hans Aulmann.

During the Conference Mary-ann presented a paper on Australia’s Health and Wellness Retreats. Documents now available for download here are the Final programme and the Conference Abstracts. Selected video presentations may also be viewed on The Informed Scientist website.

While she was in Copenhagen, Mary-ann also met with Britta Quistgaard, Head of PTU Rehabilitation Centre, and Niels Frandsen, Director of “The Epidemic” and a Polio Survivor. Of particular interest was learning more about PTU’s research into the use of Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) for muscle strength, which Niels has been trialling.

Mary-ann blogged daily while she was away so we can all benefit from what she learns – click to read her Daily Danish Doings. Subsequent issues of Polio Oz News carried more reports from the Conference and Mary-ann’s meetings.