There are currently  2212  polio survivors on the Australian Polio Register. Although the Register was established in October 2010 it was not until February 2011 that online registrations became fully operational. In addition, the online presentation of collected details did not commence until early August 2011 following the formatting and uploading of around 1,100 registrations (comprising online registrations received between October 2010 and February 2011, and paper registration forms received between October 2010 and August 2011).

The [cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>February 1, 2011&&submit_time registrations received in 2011 are broken down by month below.

December 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>December 1, 2011&&submit_time
November 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>November 1, 2011&&submit_time
October 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>October 1, 2011&&submit_time
September 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>September 1, 2011&&submit_time
August 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>August 1, 2011&&submit_time
July 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>July 1, 2011&&submit_time
June 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>June 1, 2011&&submit_time
May 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>May 1, 2011&&submit_time
April 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>April 1, 2011&&submit_time
March 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>March 1, 2011&&submit_time
February 2011
[cfdb-count form=”Polio Register” filter=”submit_time>February 1, 2011&&submit_time

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