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Light Up Your City Letter Template:

You can help us raise awareness of polio and its late effects by contacting your local council or a landmark in your city or town and ask them to light up orange during the week of 8th-14th October. We have made it easy by including a template letter/email below. The template can be copied and pasted, with your relevant details in the [bracketed] sections.

Some councils or buildings will also have an online form – if so, you can just copy and paste the relevant text.

Please let us know who you’ve contacted, so we know just how orange Australia is going to be!


Template Letter:

[Building or council name]

[Building or council address (if applicable)]



Dear [name of person or building],

My name is [your name], and [brief statement about your connection to this town, building or council, e.g. I am a resident of your council/I live in (name of this city)/I love to attend events in your building etc].

Lighting to raise awareness of polio’s late effects – 8th-14th October:

Polio Australia exists to represent survivors of polio and to raise awareness of the ongoing issues they face due to Late Effects of Polio. Our catchphrase is “We’re Still Here” – a reminder that polio has not been around in Australia for decades, but thousands of Australians (whether born here or overseas) still live with its effects.

October is Polio Awareness Month, and we particularly focus our awareness activities in the last week of the month. Our theme colour is orange, and we are aiming to get as many significant places as possible across Australia lit up to help us raise awareness. We already have several landmarks on board, and we would love your help and participation as well! Will you support our campaign by lighting [building/city/town] orange or on any specific day during that week?

For more information, please contact Polio Australia, on 03 9016 7678 or [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,


[Your name]