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About Walk With Me

“Walk With Me” is an annual event conducted nationally through the eight member organisations of Ability First Australia. Polio Australia is proud to be a member of Ability First Australia. The focus of the walk is to raise awareness and celebrate inclusion of people living with disability, as well as raising much needed funds.

It is not a fun run, nor a competitive fitness event, but a recreational walk providing family, friends, colleagues and members of the general public with the opportunity to ‘walk’ side by side in a non-competitive, lively, fun and very public environment.

Largely held in public spaces such as parks, ovals or local streets, State walks take on a ‘carnival’ atmosphere, with attractions such as celebrity appearances, children’s activities, marching bands and family fun.

The difference we can make together

Funds raised for Walk With Me are used by Polio Australia to pay for much needed program development including annual Polio Health and Wellness Retreats, regular Polio-Related Publications, Clinical Practice Modules, Community Education, and Systemic Advocacy.

How can I help?

Walk With Me is held each September in every State of Australia. To participate in a Walk being held in your State and help raise funds for Polio Australia, just contact your State Polio Network.

How much does Walk With Me raise for Polio Australia?

Please click the graphics below to read about our Walk With Me fundraising efforts so far:

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Of course, tax-deductible donations are welcome and greatly appreciated at any time of the year.  Simply click here to see donation options.  Thank you for your support.